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Avalanche AKA BUbba, is our Olde English Bulldogge stud.

This boys boy is the total package...

Temperament, Structure, Bone, Muscle, and that huge Noggin

He has sired many amazing offspring nationwide

RocSteady Bulldog's 'PUDGE'

Pudge is our handsome French Bulldog Stud,  Produced and raised here by us.

 He is a stunning red Blue Fawn Pied...

Pudge is a well put together boy and produces some beautiful pups!

He has sired many amazing offspring Nationwide... 

RocSteady Bulldog's Mighty 'JOE' Young


JoJo is a Beautiful stud produced here...

He is a Black n Tan that carries blue

JoJo is nothing short of amazing!! He has a nice thick cobby build, ripped muscle, and huge fat head.

what a great producer this boy is, always producing himself or better in every litter!


Capone is an outside line that we have purchased to add to our program.

Blue n Tan (possible chocolate carrier)

He is and amazingly well put together stud, thick solid frame, cobby build and a beautiful round head with  great earset.

he has done wonderfully for our program and cant wait to see his future offspring with us